I was asked what my “why” was for participating in a book study about the Innovators Mindset. As a high school assistant principal I am mired in attendance, discipline, and crap. This made my work “supervising” teachers as the part of my job that I looked forward to the most. And this meant I needed […]

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What IS Innovation? (Part 1)

A friend of mine who I respect told me (feedback!!!) that I needed to define what I felt innovation is. Soooooo here goes: Innovation starts in the classroom. This is the touch point where adults interact with and guide and inspire students. Innovation in the classroom means shifting the lens through which we as teachers/admin […]

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The Forest

If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it…… If a teacher tries something in the classroom and no one (admin/peers/etc.) sees it, did it even happen? YESSSSSSSS! Of course it happens and matters. When we say teachers are alone in the classroom we are forgetting that students, the most important audience, […]

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Move It

How do we get from inspiration to action? I ask because recently I saw George Couros live (yes, THAT George) and was completely and utterly inspired to DO SOMETHING…. The issue is as an assistant high school principal in a district blessed with administrators for everything, there is not much room for lil’ ole me […]

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The Ocean

I was laying in bed one recent night and was thinking about “stuff” to write about and I thought about what the blog would look like. I follow George Couros @gcouros and really like his brief updates on the thoughts in his head. He blogs and is a dynamite thought instigator- check him out! Now […]

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Why Blog?

Some people might be wondering why on Earth is Brian blogging? And by “some people” I mean pretty much everyone. (pause for laughter) Here is what I know: We (Educators, parents, responsible citizens) need to model for our students how to write and what better forum for that is to publish online?! Maintaining a digital […]

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