There Will Be Blood

  Is it school’s job to punish students? I think it is safe to say that ANYONE who has been around school age children before (mall, community pool, amusement park, etc) has had the experience of being annoyed or maybe even legitimately wronged by those kids: the rush of blood to the face, the anger […]

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Lessons In Winning… (Part 1)

I can honestly say that I never expected to be writing this post and yes, I had one titled “Lessons In Losing” all ready to go. Why did I have both? I felt that the momentous personal event of the Philadelphia Eagles wining their (and my!) first ever Super Bowl should certainly be highlighted in […]

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Maybe It’s Me? Not You!

Recently I was in an after school PD session with a mix of teachers and administration. Not sure how the topic of conflict came up, but a teacher who I’ve known for a long time raised her hand and said, “I used to allow the conflicts I had with adults in my life dominate my […]

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I was asked what my “why” was for participating in a book study about the Innovators Mindset. As a high school assistant principal I am mired in attendance, discipline, and crap. This made my work “supervising” teachers as the part of my job that I looked forward to the most. And this meant I needed […]

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